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5 Tattooers to watch in 2014!

Posted by Cian Mac an tSaoir on January 1st 2014 Share on Facebook

This year has been a great one for tattooing. Lots of new artists have come on our radar and hopefully that continues to happen. I reached out to some great bloggers/journalists and asked that they each put together a list of 5 tattooers they feel will be a big deal in 2014 and put together my own list too. Thanks to everyone who helped out on the lists and all the great tattooers featured. Please note Ben Lakin (Nine Mag) chose to only feature UK Artists and Marisa Kakoulas (Needles&Sins) chose to only feature female artists!

Nicki Kaspers List (Tattoo Artist Magazine) (@tattooartistmagazine)

Justin Hartman Tattoo

 Justin Hartman (@justinhartmanart) (Urban Art)

Greggletron Tattoo

Greg Whitehead aka Greggletron (@greggletron) (Scapegoat Tattoo)

Dillon Forte Tattoo

Dillon Forte (@dillonforte) (Sri Yantra Tattoo)

Tony Klett Tattoo

Tony Klett (@tek9ine) (Urban Art)

Seunghyun Jo Tattoo

Seunghyun Jo (@seunghyunjotattoos) (FY Ink)


James Trans List (Visual Amor) (@visualamor)

Jenna Bouma Tattoo

Jenna B (@slowerblack) (OTR)
Pushing the limits of stick and poke tattoos with a very impressive travel schedule. Jenna makes powerful tattoos that make you question if they were hand poked or applied by a machine.

Chong Tramonta Tattoo

Chong Tramonta (@chongtramonta) (Three Jewels Tattoo)
A humble artist whose dynamic illustration and tattooing is going to sky rocket, especially now since he is relocating to San Diego to hone his skills with Bill Canales at Full Circle Tattoo. DEFINITELY an artist to look out for.

Robert Ruiz Tattoo

Robert Ruiz (@robertdevxruiz) (Sun City Tattoo)
Far More accomplished than his years in tattooing would lead you to believe.
Robert has already made a name for himself in the south west and is holding it down for El Paso Texas. He is only going to get better as time goes on.

Raymond Wallace Tattoo

Raymond Wallace (@flawless_wallace) (Sideshow Tattoo)
Ray Wallace has developed his own unique personal style drawing from his background in traditional balinese painting and contemporary tattooing. You can spot his tattoos and flash from a mile away.

Micah Caudle Tattoo

Micah Caudle (@micahcaudle) (Flying Panther Tattoo)
A tattooers tattooer with no frills or bullshit, just amazing tattoos in many styles. Also an amazing machine builder that has paid his dues and deserves more recognition.


Samuel Blackmans List (Eagle, Dagger, Rose, Panther)

Amelia Martin Tattoo

Amelia Martin (@ameliamartin) (Rise Above Tattoo)
Working at Rise Above Classic Tattooing Buffalo NY, Amelia is a first year tattooist (again according to Instagram..) yet her solid line work and bold tattoos surpass peers who have been tattooing much longer than her. Really excited to see more from this artist in the future.

Charley Gerardin Tattoo

Charley Gerardin (@charley_gerardin_3rdeye) (3rd Eye Tattoo)
Tattooist at Third Eye Tattoo Melbourne, Charley’s girl heads are a particular favourite of mine. if you aren’t familiar with Charley’s work already then that should be the first you do in 2014.
Chris Lambert Tattoo

Chris Lambert (@chrislamberttattoo) (Black Crown Tattoo)
Based at Black Crown in Leeds whilst also working once a month with Horikitsune in London. I have been fortunate enough on several occasions to be tattooed there. Chris’s work ethic is as solid as his tattoos, his simple palette of colours and bold line work give his traditional tattoos real authenticity.

Dave Voegeli Tattoo

Dave Voegelli (@davevoegeli) (Ancient Art Tattoo)
Currently located at Ancient Art Tattoo in Virginia Beach VA, Dave’s been tattooing since 1998, whilst more of an established artist than some of the others I’ve listed here I feel like more people need to know about Dave Voegeli in 2014, his tattoos are clean and above all badass!
Ryan Bonsall Tattoo

Ryan Bonsall (@deaddweight) (HS&HG Tattoo)
According to Ryan’s Instagram he’s still an apprentice(!!!) at HS&HG Tattoo MA, I only became aware of Ryan’s work earlier this year and was blown away with his tattoos built to last.


Brandon Hansens List (The Bold Will Hold)

Akira Latanzio Tattoo

Akira Latanzio (@akira_lantanzio) (R&D Tattoo)
Classic traditional, tons of personality and a solid guy.

Alex Zampirri Tattoo

Alex Zampirri (@alexzampirri) (Heart & Soul)
Good kid and becoming a really good tattooer.
Dani Queipo Tattoo

Dani Queipo (@daniqueipo) (OTR)
Another great unique style of tattooer with a strong traditional basis.
Graham Beech Tattoo

Graham Beech (@grahambeech) (DaVinci Tattoo)
A well rounded tattooer doing really good things.
Liam Alvy Tattoo

Liam Alvy (@liamalvy) (Nostalgia Tattoo)
His work has a very cool folk art feel with a traditional base.


Marisa Kakoulas List (Needles&Sins) (@needlesandsins)


Eva Mpatshi (Beautiful Freak)
Eva “Mpatshi” Vanrysselberghe approaches tattooing with a unique eye, experimenting with painting, print and sketching techniques on skin. The highly graphic nature of her work, including some interesting stylistic mash-ups, offers clients something beyond the traditional tattoo menu. Since 2010, when she joined the esteemed Beautiful Freak Tattoo & Mixed Arts studio, located by the North Sea coast of Belgium, her tattoo technique and freedom in design has advanced so much so that she’s an exciting emerging artist to watch.

Maika Houde Tattoo

Maika Houde (@tattoobymaika) (Tattoos by Maika)
For organic-meets-industrial-geometric tattoos, check the work of Maika Houde of Tattoos by Maika in Montreal, Canada. The self-taught tattooist first picked up a tattoo machine in 2005, and since that time, developed style that is influenced, as she says, by “abandoned industrial sites in decay, rusted pieces of machinery, destroyed cities landscapes, architectural landscapes and also of course geometry.” Maika often does guest spots out of Edmonton, Toronto, Quebec City, and will be expanding her travel into Europe. She’ll be working the Frankfurt Convention in 2014, among other shows.

Lorena Morato Tattoo

Lorena Morato (@lore_morato) (Golden Times Tattoo)
Lorena Morato has developed a reputation for her powerful Neotraditional tattooing, infused with magic and the spiritual. While serious tattoo collectors will travel wherever Lorena is working, the tattoo media needs to pay more attention to this incredibly talented artist with a loving soul. After years in Europe, largely Germany, Lorena is returning to her native Brazil to build her Golden Times Tattoo studio in Belo Horizonte, but will be back in Europe doing guest spots in September.

Goldilox Tattoo

Goldilox (@goldiloxtattooer) (Painted Lady Tattoo)
Specializing in hand-poke work, although incredibly adept with a tattoo machine, Goldilox creates intricate ornamental tattoos, dot by dot, paying homage to the techniques used for millennia by our tattoo ancestors. Goldilox, who has been tattooing professionally for five years, says that she is inspired by “everything from botanical etchings to mehndi and geometry — by the sacred and the silly.”  You can find Goldilox, mainly on week days, at Dawnii Fantana’s powerhouse studio, Painted Lady, in Birmingham, UK, as well as at international conventions.

Jasmine Wright Tattoo

Jasmine Wright (@imbusy666) (Buju Tattoo)
With just five years of professional tattooing under her belt, Jasmine Wright is an up-and-coming force with a brazen portfolio, largely populated by female characters rendered with incredible personality and soul. However, as much as she’s becoming known for these tattoo beauties, she still rocks the “mean, manly” tattoos, following the bold-will-hold ethos. Jasmine currently tattoos at Buju Tattoo in San Diego, California, but she will join the Seventh Son crew in San Francisco in June 2014.


Ben Lakins List (Nine Mag)

Dale Sarok Tattoo

Dale Sarok (@dsarok) (Vida Loca Tattoo)

Dean Taylor Tattoo

Dean Taylor (@deantaylortattoos) (Nemesis Tattoo)

Liam 31 Tattoo

Liam 31 (@liam31) (Big Robs Tattoo)

Matthew James Tattoo

Matthew James (@matthewjamestattoo) (Matthew James Tattoo)

Tom Arnison Tattoo

Tom Arnison (@tomarnison) (Blue Bloods)


Cian Wrights List (Swallows&Daggers)

Aaron Anthony Tattoo

Aaron Anthony (@aaronanthonytattoo) (The Circle)
Aaron Anthony is doing awesome work, I first encountered it when I mistook a painting of his behind the counter at The Circle for Guy LeTattooer. He does bold strong images with an Eastern influence combined with geometry and dot/pattern work. Aarons work is consistently impressive and he’s definitely one to watch in 2014.

Drake Sheehan Tattoo

Drake Sheehan (@deadxca) (American Vintage)
Just coming to the end of his apprenticeship Drake is turning out really solid traditional pieces and is someone I hope to get tattooed by soon.

Koji Ichimaru Tattoo

Koji Ichimaru (@kojiichimaru) (OTR)
I’ve noticed Kojis work from various UK guestspots (with lots more planned for 2014) his bold almost American traditional take on Japanese is really unique and definitely sets him apart from the crowd!

Philip Yarnell Tattoo

Philip Yarnell (@philipyarnelltattoo) (Skynyard & Sang Bleu London)
Philip Yarnell is a tattooing prodigy. His work does not reflect how little time he’s been tattooing. His portraits in his own signature style have really impressed me this year and with him now working part of the week alongside Maxime Buchi in Sang Bleu London I can only see him going from strength to strength!

Tom Bartley Tattoo

Tom Bartley (@tom_bartley) (Tattooed Warriors)
Tom Bartley as I said when he came in at no.9 in our 10 most liked tattoos of 2013 is still an apprentice. His work is really clean, illustrated stuff that really impressed me this year and I think 2014 only holds bigger things for Tom!

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